Overview & Definitions

Digital Marketing overview & standards definition, inter connectivity & self growth. Getting jobs or doing business, Its a blueprint of your learning.

Domain, Hosting & Cpanel, SSL

Use of domain & hosting, marketing, cpanel handling, understanding website security. Marketing through domain.


HTML through marketing point of view, basics of HTML you need to know in digital marketing, Writing your code,  Tags, keywords, managing headers.

Web Designing

Website designing without code, easy content management, introduction to elements, role of web designing in digital marketing & ways of earning.

Content Writing

Writing awesome content that works like a business magnet, rules of writing, search engines vs your website content, effects & types of writing.

Google Analytics

Detailed introduction to this tool, means a lot, tracking your traffic gives you better ideas, but this tracking is in raw state, we tell you how to use it.

Google Console

Wide approach of understanding Google Console tool, how it works, analyzing area of improvement in your website, cutting errors down & traffic navigation.

Keyword Planning

Planning the most profitable keywords, using these search in some fruitful approach, types of keywords, how it is managed by search engines.

Google Trends Tool

Detailed discussion in Google trends tool, how to use this tool for tons of website traffic, identifying unnecessary data & focusing on your goal directly.


Detailed search engine optimization, onpage & offpage SEO, unbeatable techniques to make your page viral, more traffic means more success you get.


Introduction to SEM, An introduction to Search Engine Marketing & how it gives different backups on different platforms, introduction to paid ads.

Social Media Promotion

Social media is the most wide idea today to generate leads. Art of converting crowd into money, we train you in social media branding for this audience.

Content Marketing

Content is the king, more than 70% conversion goes when a customer reads your content. Making your content, audio, visual & text, and to market it.

Ecommerse Marketing

Promoting an eCommerce business, branding & sales improvement, growing customer base, developing local & global approaches of online marketing.

Blog Marketing

Blog marketing is one of the most popular approach today, blogging makes your effort worthy & getting traffic on your website become easy.

Sales Funnels

Clever sales funnel training is a part of digital marketing, 300% additional conversion rate is not a big thing if you have good learning approach.

Email Marketing

Email marketing training that gives you a worthy approach of handling marketing through emails, training for all what, if, & when in digital marketing.

ORM Marketing

Reputation building through digital marketing is an art, it’s a piece of your digital marketing learning that gives you some better hands in reputation management.

Online Freelancing

Working with top freelancing platforms, finding new business for your own or for your company. We train you the ways of freelancing online.

Digital Marketing Tools

Introduction of tools for digital marketing, popular tools for digital marketing, also, we train how you can do this even if you don’t have any tool.

Strategy Analysis

We train for combined digital marketing, how to combine all digital marketing mediums. What should be combined what should be ignored.

To Follow Research

Most search engines slightly change on daily basis. Training to make you able to research. How to get updated regularly to meet new changes.


Regular assessment tests to test your knowledge & improvements. We will take 7 viva assessments plus 3 written assessment test. This helps in interview.


15 globally recognized certificates from companies & institutes like Google, Hubspot, facebook, Kellogg School of Management & many more.

Combined digital marketing COURSES at our INSTITUTE, interdependent training, 100% student placement possibilities after training, Delhi

Digital marketing course in our institute are combined this way

Digital marketing courses training in our institute.

What are Institute course offerings? As a student when you come on floor to work there is one expectation from you – Lead Generation. To meet these market requirements in digital marketing course you need to be active. Because graduation alone cant do magic easily to get more probability you need some extra skills. We refer combined digital marketing using different combinations of it. There are several parts of digital marketing, if you are confused that google can do everything alone then this is not the right approach.

Above all parts come together & make a complete digital marketing structure. For a student, its too important to understand before joining a course.

I don’t think “You would like to be executive forever, i believe you would love to get promoted and would like to work as strategist of digital marketing”. Ofcourse Every one wants to be BATMAN, NOT ROBIN. So don’t come second. Learn digital marketing in it’s root level. This is why Combined Course of digital marketing is important.



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While, you are reading this, we might have add Digital Marketing Tutorials here. Sorry! because i am not going to add Vedio Tutorials of Digital Marketing here because technically, it take a lot of time to creat one vedio & just one topic is covered. I don’t want this website limited to articles and small topics. I will cover everything here one by one. If you keep coming on this website I promis you would find one of the best tutorials over internet here only. However task is big but I have to start it from somewhere. So Bookmark this page because you are going to read real SEO & Digital Marketing Tutorials for free, Best part is step-by-step, It may take a while but it will be done soon.

I believe there might be one problem you would face because my syllabus is big to cover & it will take huge time to get everything updated, may be year or half. So if you have time then it’s ok or if you practice yourself & collect some basic knowledge you may ask any question. I answer everyone, one by one & first come first serve.