Finding Best digital marketing institute.

A comparision between 4 major factors.

  1. Fees
  2. Trainers
  3. Job Placement
  4. Reputation

How to compare institutes ?

Problem is when everyone claims to be the best training center.

We live in the world where everyone is claming to be the best digital marketing institute. In delhi it’s a disease, hypothetically we understand most students are advertizement oriented. So difficuly of finding a good institute from a bunch become more difficult for any student.

Here, we advice students to narrow down their critaria and to focus on following things. Ask these questions to yourself first.

What course or time you want to invest in learning? Be honest.

Do you want to learn from a coaching center or a company?

See practicle experience of your trainer.

See how your institute can help you in placement?

Are they able to provide a realtime placent?

Would they give you work from home job or an 8 hours, working job.

Do they have a company reputation?

A best institute is not the best until they answer above questions & practically they do it.

A good institute tells you about time management, a regular coaching can’t train you in that. Companies like t hire employees who know this and work on the same approach.

Now at another hand, how you should decide your time investment? you invest more time practicing more things altogether, in confine time corridor you learn a little and practice a little, at at the time of interviwe you wont be able to answer most complex questions, as a result you would not get a job. So time is important.

Fees of digital marketing course

Happily saying we are not in a price war, we just want to make you learn. In our classrooms we tell you depend on time you consume in learning you practice and utilize more & more resources. Fee depends on it. It’s true with any institute. Sometimes students give more priority to fees rather getting knowledge.

Small Cources may cost you less but they will cast your understanding and concepts. so next time you decide the best institute you should avoid it primarily, after discussion “secondary decesion will work for you in this matter.”

Which is better? A digital marketing institute or a company?

This is a sensible question, in a digital marketing institute you learn a course, read and forget it. Most institutes in Delhi are running on single profile of an institute. They have classroom and few handful projects of their own.

Students have to work on those simple limited projects which had already been promoted or practiced by other students. How would you analyze your own capability?

A company, is always a best institute. We at Eduquest, are affiliated with Cybertooth Incorporation which is a digital marketing company for long time.We are sister concern of this company. Cybertooth Incorporation is engaged in making websites and promoting 1000s  customers every year. Their customers are Leading doctors, MNCs, manufacturers, exporters and international customers. Catering almost every industry gives student an edge.

Trainer factor at comparing institutes

What do you expect from a trainer ? Does corporate trainer helps more?

The best thing is, you must know your trainer. Unlike a techer, a corporate trainer can help you in training on practicle basis, practicle errors & practicle challenges.

What happens if you choose a trainer who is non corporate or fake corporate? A student ruins his time and money. At the time of interview, an interview can judge your depth of practicle knowledge. You know the result.

Comparing institutes is easy, like us there are companies who give you training & reputed certificates. We are corporate digital marketers for more than 18 years.

How a best institute give you placement opportunity ?

Look placement is never for anyone without knowledge, simply zero knowledge will not help you in career.

We don’t know about others, but we know we have continuous projects & demands we give you 100% assurity of job. We train you, we enhance your knowledge. We give you 100% placement. You just need to promise for learning hardwork.

All above factors make you able to differenciate institutes on fact basis. We dont claim anything we just say what we are.

Not just learning and reading & repeat concept, we enhance understanding of SEO in your subconcious minds. It becomes your habbit at the end of the day. Here you know whow to find of the best institute among the best.